Learn@Home is a live tutoring platform which enables the students to learn any subject of their choice LIVE sitting at the comfort of their home. Our mentors being the part of education industry for a period of 40 years we know that every student is unique and has different learning and understanding pattern. Hence with the help of technology we introduced this interactive learning platform which enables One to One learning and helping the students to learn at their own pace and get their doubts solved instantly.

Having some of the best teacher’s on-board, Learn@Home’s online tutoring platform enables live interactive learning between a teacher and a student. Here a teacher is able to give personalized teaching to each student using two-way audio, video and various other interactive tools where both teacher and student are able to see, hear, write and interact on real-time basis making the learning experience better.

We cater to the students from 6th grade to the highest grade of education, we also cater to the students who are attempting various competitive and entrance exams.
We believe that “Learning has no limits…” sticking to our motive we aim to change the traditional pattern of learning and make it more interesting and easy to learn.