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      For the last 6 months you learnt a lot of new things, enhanced your hobbies, explored new opportunities, but what was left behind was “Studying”. Final Test helps you to bridge that gap and make you ready for your Final Exam. We help you Relearn, Revise and succeed in the most important exam of your life.
      You can give this online test from the comfort of your home. The tests are designed in such a way that your full syllabus will be revised in the shortest period of time and will also help you score good marks. We will guide you with what is right and wrong, also give you the correct answers for the questions.
     As you have just one month to Relearn & Revise, Final Test will be your perfect Revision partner!

Call/WhatsApp us for more details – 79770 79771


  1. Online Test (As per your Time)
  2. Accessible over Phone.
  3. Timed Test – Helps you in Time Management.
  4. Covers the Entire Portion.
  5. Feedback on the Test.

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Package Details
Marks (per test) 20
Duration (per test) 20 Minutes
Total tests included 5
Charges (per subject) Rs. 50/- Only
  1. The Final Test is for the last year students of standard B.Com, BAF, BMS and BA (Mumbai University).
    Also for CA and CSEET
  2. The tests are provided for 5 subjects of Sem V and 5 subjects of Sem VI.
  3. A student can take the test for any of the 5 subjects of Sem V or Sem VI or both.
  4. The students can buy package multiple times with different subjects.
  5. For taking the admission student has to fill up an online admission form. Along with the form attach proof of payment made.
  6. The charges are to be paid by Google Pay or Paytm – 8422818130 (Spruha Educational Services Pvt. Ltd.)
  7. Once the admission form with payment proof is received, the student will be provided with a link. Student can open this link on mobile and give the exam. 
  8. After submitting the answer, student will get his report showing his score, correct answers and mistakes committed and solutions to correct the mistakes.
  9. Subjects Available  – 
    Sr. No. BCOM sem VI BAF sem VI BMS sem VI
    1. Direct & Indirect Taxation Paper II Cost Accounting IV  Brand Management
    2. Fin. Accounts & Audit Paper IX (Financial Account) Economics III Human Resource Accounting & Audit
    3. Business Economics Paper VI Financial Management Indirect Taxes
    4. Commerce paper VI Financial Accounting VII Innovative Financial Services
    5. Fin. Accounts & Audit Paper X  (Cost Account) Taxation  Strategic Financial Management
Pay by Scanning the QR code

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Final Test Now for CA and CSEET!



  1. What do I need to do to access online test? ( Technological Requirements )
    Ans : You need Mobile (Android), Internet connection of at-least 1 mbps speed.

  2. Can I Download the test paper?
    Ans : No. You cannot download the test paper.

  3. Can I give the test offline?
    Ans : No. Your test will be online only.

  4. Can I try test before purchase?
    Ans : You can take a FREE Mock Test.

  5. What are the modes for payment?
    Ans : Payment to be made by GooglePay Or PayTm on 8422818130.

  6. Can I track online test performance?
    Ans : You can track your individual test performance.

  7. Will I get the solutions to the problems asked in the online test?
    Ans : You will come to know the right answer for your mistakes.

  8. Will the questions to be asked from a particular author/publication?
    Ans : Questions taken are from the different sources and also self created.

  9. Can I change the answer during the test?
    Ans : Yes. You have the option to change the answer before you submit your answer.

  10. The test will be topic wise or the entire subject? (Will I get an option to choose)
    Ans : The tests are topic wise as well as subject wise the choice shall be yours.

  11. Can I give the test for the same subject twice?
    Ans : Yes. You can give the test of any subject ‘n’ number of times.

  12. The test will be timed test?
    Ans : Yes. It is timed test- 20 minutes.

✔️ Payment to be made by Google-Pay on 8422818130.

📲 Call/WhatsApp us for more details – 79770 79771

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Final Test helps you to bridge that gap and make you ready for your Final Exam. We help you Relearn, Revise and succeed in the most important exam